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James 2020-1

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day 2020-2

Stories featuring Dorian's family

Stories featuring an angry Dorian

Stories you wish you'd written yourselves (and/or want to remix)

Old Favourites

Comfort reads

Klaus's birthday

Klaus's birthday



Stories set before Dorian meets Klaus, or where Klaus doesn't appear

Rich Man, Poor Man, Butler, Thief by TelWoman. When the Lord and Lady Gloria's butler quits, Lord Gloria finds a new one, with somewhat questionable references. The butler befriends the young Dorian - especially when he sees how talented the young boy seems to be at stealing things ...

TelWoman - As The Twig is Bent

TelWoman - Scrapbook - with some absolutely lovey description Cassie Ingabens Postcards from Paris, Vignettes from different times in Dorian's life when he visits Paris. Starts with his early youth and moves forward: different ages, different company, different circumstances, some light and some dark.

Primavera, by MJJ. Dorian, age seventeen, meets one of the great loves of his life— Art, personified— in a dream.

Children, by Musamihi. A retelling of the episode in Insha’allah where Dorian visits a man who is said to know the whereabouts of a treasure he wants to steal, a man who runs what appears to be a brothel offering under-age boys. Musamihi’s interpretation underlines Dorian’s distaste for what he sees.

The Patchwork Arc, five stories by Kumiko and Tzigane. All NC-17.

Begins with Dorian and James meeting at school, and follows them through different stages until the Eroica gang is formed.

Stories featuring minor characters

Of friends by genki-blonde A's wife, Gladys, have a friend. Who she meets with almost daily. A knowns nothing about this friend and finds this very suspicious ...

Scrapbook by TelWoman - lovely details, great descriptions, good voice of the Dowager Countess of Gloria.

And Some things never Change by Amity33 with Polar Bear. Interesting and well written, good details.

Comic, funny, humorous stories

  • Better Left Unsaid by Amity33 Klaus discovers that Dorian has been stealing things from him and adding them to a growing cache of mementoes. Some are not physical objects, either – and that is the most disturbing of all! Amity33 has a gift for writing funny stories. I had to make myself choose just one.

  • I Dream of Eroica by Kadorienne Crossover with I Dream of Jeannie. Dorian is a genie in a bottle and Klaus is his mostly unwilling ‘Master’. Kadorienne has been one of the most prolific writers in the fandom and she has a very broad range, from dark to light, from thrillers to fluff to comedy.

  • On Tanks and War by Anne-Li How to get your lover’s attention in the age of internet chat-rooms. I enjoy this one from Anne-Li because it paints a nice domestic picture of how things might go if Dorian and Klaus were to settle down together.

  • A Snake’s Tale by General Zargon This story saves the very best part of the joke for right at the end. Klaus isn’t fully human in this story – he’s a Naga. His true form is a giant snake. The story ends with a cheeky line about letting Dorian find out for himself what other physical characteristics Nagas have. Well, I didn’t know what they were when I first read the story – so I looked it up. You should, too. It made me laugh out loud to think what Dorian’s reaction might be.

  • What Do You Do Next, Dorian Red? by Anne-Li. It's really funny (with a slight undercurrent of seriousness) and it's also in the very unusual form of a Choose Your Own Adventure game.

For the crack kind of fun I enjoy Engiel’s Klaus and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Dorian comes to Bonn and discovers that Klaus is having a very bad day - or rather the Alphabet has, as they all fail at their mission, every single one of them.

and Whizbang and Yoikos The Interview Crack AU in which Klaus is a football player and Dorian is a fashion reporter sent by his employer (Mr. James, Esq., of the Tattler) to interview him for the World Cup.

Also Margaret Price’s Klausian Pillow Talk Excempts from the runaway best seller Eberbach's Dos & Don'ts of Sexual Intimacy or Foppish Bullshit to Help You Get Laid, by Klaus von dem Eberbach, formerly of NATO.

And, because they made me smile, Grey Bard’s Diminished Capacity Klaus is thoroughly exhausted after a mission, not exactly on top of his game. When Dorian arrives the good major is too tired to mount a proper defence. How will Dorian react?

and Amity33’s Germany's Secret Weapon Late at night the coach of the German National Football Team gets a call and a very inspiring reason for the team to win against Brazil ...


Terri Botta: - Lay your sleeping head

Scary, ghostly, supernatural stories

Blood and Secrets by Filigree Dorian and Klaus don’t survive a mission. Years later, Agent Z helps Klaus’s unhappy ghost to find rest.

A Kiss from a Rose by Karen Colohan Klaus is visited by Dorian’s ghost once a year, at Halloween. Eventually, he understands that it’s time to let go. A sad ghost story, rather than a scary one. It makes me cry every time I read it but I’m a softie 😉 (Warning: NC17)

Ever After by BT and CTB This one doesn’t seem to be online anymore, which is a pity. (If anyone knows of an online source for it, please post!) Not quite a ghost story, but it has a spooky atmosphere. Dorian isn’t human, and he might be immortal – but even he isn’t quite sure what he is. Maybe Klaus isn’t quite human anymore, either. (Warning: Explicit.)

Vampires – Blood and Iron by Kadorienne. On a solo mission in Rumania, Klaus is forced to visit an old abandoned castle. Only when he enters the lower levels, the castle isn't quite as abandoned as it seems. He's attacked by a vampire, only the vampire makes the fatal mistake of underestimating Klaus and Klaus emerges victorious - and a vampire.

Zombies – Like It's The End Of The World by Kadorienne. There's a zombie upraising. The death toll has reached a billion, still rising - in the last months a sixth of the human race has been killed. Klaus and his men have found the source and go to London to eradicate it. The night before, though, they seek shelter in Dorian's castle in North Downs.

Plain scary - Oh, the dreadful wind and rain by TelWoman. When Klaus is killed in his sleep, no-one suspects the real killer ...

Night of the Emerald-gazed Monster by Aireira aka AnonymousFemme - in which Klaus is a were-wolf. Explicit - werewolves have uncontrollable appetites.

Festivals, holidays and celebrations!

Green Grows the Holly, by BT aka Stranger Klaus goes to Castle Gloria as part of an investigation— an ancient British artefact has disappeared from a museum and Klaus suspects Dorian has stolen it. He finds the Castle’s inhabitants in preparation for a celebration: not of Christmas, but something more ancient.

Cantiques de Noël, by BT aka Stranger The Major, mentally exhausted at the end of a mission, is delayed in the UK. He stumbles across a Christmas house-party hosted by Dorian.

Goodwill to All Men, by Karen Colohan aka yavannauk Dorian gatecrashes a Christmas party that Klaus is holding at the Schloss for his Alphabets. It’s a costume party— and Dorian’s costume is sensational. (Naturally.) Explicit – and hot.

Klaus’s Christmas Carol, by dkwilliams Based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Canon characters take the roles of Ghosts from Dickens’ story. The “Ghost of Christmas Past” section about Klaus’s unhappy childhood experiences made me cry the first time I read it. The ending, like the ending of Dickens' story, is nice.

Alphabet Soup for Christmas by Cassie Ingaben The Eroica team and the Alphabets stage A Christmas carol. The Muppet version.

Silent Night by Kat and Whizzy It's just beautiful, highly inspiring, lovely emotion, great details, good angst, nice structure, things like that. My favorite Christmas story is one I've recced several times before, but I'll try to fit it in whenever I can.

Amity33's A Christmas Mess, in which Klaus is forced to spend Christmas at Dorian's castle ... Cute story with everyone well in character and good humor, some good lines and nice descriptions.

Heather Sparrow's The Fifth Season - Karnival - in the Rhineland area, on Weiberfastnacht, the women rule. Custom have it that women chase a man, cut off his tie and kiss him. G is aiming very high and waits in the office with a scissor. However, Dorian is also in town ... Warm, friendly tone, genuine feeling.

Heather Sparrow's "So how was your weekend". Christopher Street Day parade and Klaus is to provide security. Poor Klaus, what a mission ...


One of my favorite series is Heather Sparrows Ichabod and the Hessian - which is primarily Sleepy Hollows, but which also features Klaus and Dorian when one of Klaus's missions takes him to America. James in good shape.

I also love The Snitch and the Bludger by Laura Kaye, with 11 year old Klaus taking the Hogwarts express and on the train he meets a British boy, Dorian. It's just so sweet and I would love to read more in this universe.

TelWomans The Colour of Polished - crossover with Back To The Future - just a lovely idea for a crossover and several neat details.

Lately also The Hatchling Job, by Sholio, a crossover with Pern where K'laus is a bronze rider and Dorian really want to impress a golden dragon ... Sweet story that made me smile.

Fluffy, sweet stories

Coast by TPod Story Summary: A yearning for sourdough and San Francisco... While not a Valentines fic, this is pretty fluffy if you ask me. Alas, it is short! But, a lot is said in less than 2,000 words, here. All I can say is, Klaus is precious in this, with his vulnerable internal monologue and all, and the way Dorian nearly shuts down is hilarious.

Not Always A Crowd by Ara Summary: James feels unloved when Lord Gloria’s attentions turn to others.

Snowbound by Cassie Ingaben Summary: Dorian quotes the Grimm’s version of Snow White. I know it’s not exactly fluff, but it’s close enough to qualify because of Klaus’ unyielding tentativeness to Dorian. I just... eee.

Major Butterfly by Anne-li I just... They are destined for each other. The sweet little touches and storytelling within the story... Gah! It’s so sweet!

Courting Dorian Klaus goes a-courtin’. In a very Klausian way, of course. Heh.

Mirror Universe (more or less)

Telwoman's If I were you where Klaus believes himself to be Eroica, the master thief

Tangerines A Different Sort Of Day ( which is body swap.

Jokes and pranks

The Next Time They Met by Anne Higgins the thieves and the alphabets get together to send gifts to Klaus (pretending they're from Dorian) and to Dorian (pretending they're from Klaus).

Appetite Suppressant, by Margaret Price. A mean trick on Klaus's part fools Dorian into taking some pills that he thinks are to suppress the appetite so he won't gain weight. However, the drug suppresses a different appetite entirely. When Dorian finds out, he's livid - and he plans revenge.

The Best Laid Plans, by shiplizard. Klaus sends some cryptic directions to Dorian, and his plan almost fails to work. Not really a prank but using codes and challenges.

Do Your Worst by Amity33 The animosity between Klaus and Dorian escalates as each gets revenge on the other, worse and worse. A pink Benz, need we say anything more than that?

Getting Married Is A Hell In Making by Chemcat especially the first part, where Dorian gets invited to Klaus's wedding. Why does Klaus want him there so badly?

What happened in Montmartre by TelWoman Those poor underlings ...

On Tanks And War by Anne-Li


99 by Karen Colohan aka yavannauk - Klaus watches Eroica eating an ice-cream, and finds himself getting hot under the collar. In more ways than one.

The Food Fantasies series by Filigree - A story arc of six short stories in which Dorian and Klaus tentatively establish an affair, and get to know each other much better.

Der Schnee, where Klaus and James share rations (MRE, cookies, candy) while they're in the cabin together.

Protecting Secrets by Anne-Li. Dorian is semi-stalking Klaus, to find out more about him - and he does find out that Klaus has a weakness. It's coffee, but not necessarily Nescafe ...


Do UNIT and NATO Spell Disaster? - by Margaret Price Margaret’s first Eroica story – a crossover, or should we say, fusion, with Doctor Who. It begins with an Eroica heist … and then, in Chapter 2, the TARDIS materializes, with the Doctor (Four – my favourite!) and an original character, an alien prince called Jason Krystovan. It’s a well-wrought story, with Dorian and Klaus both in character as we know them, within the Doctor Who universe.

The Eternal Major - by Anne-Li When you stop ageing, and serious injuries heal almost instantly, eventually someone is bound to notice, no matter how hard you try to keep it hidden. What can you do then? Klaus and Dorian are recognizably the Klaus and Dorian we know … but they’ve been given the blessing/curse of eternal life. The source of that is drawn from Smallville, so I guess that makes it a fusion?

The Bludger and the Snitch - by Laura Kaye Dorian, Klaus and Bonham are all students at Hogwarts. The universe is Harry Potter.

The Hatchling Job by Sholio Dragonriders of Pern, where K'laus ia a bronze dragon rider and Dorian is the son of a deposed Lord Holder who always wanted to impress a golden dragon. It's very sweet. And K'laus' dragon, Ayeth, makes me smile.

Kadorienne's The Picture of Dorian Red The Picture of Dorian Gray. In which Dorian ("our" Dorian) has his portrait made and lets that picture carry all the strain of his excesses and pursuits. Also with Amanda from Highlander. Dorian steals The Man In Purple, so Klaus has Amanda steal Dorian's portrait ...

Klaus’s Christmas Carol, by dkwilliams counts as a fusion with Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Eroica characters take the roles of the Christmas Ghosts from Dickens’ story.


Five Days in Padesca, by Laura Kaye. At the end of a mission Dorian tricks Klaus into a short stay at a small-town hotel in Italy by pretending they can't get picked up any earlier.

The Garden Hotel, by Anne-Li, where Klaus and Dorian try to reserve a room for their anniversary, only for it to go south! Bonus drunken shenanigans and fixing graffiti, because Klaus totally has OCD (and someone else theorized possibly ASD).

Perfect Day by CassieIngaben where Dorian and Klaus share a perfect day together. More or less.

A City Where Nobody Knows Me by TelWoman - Dorian needs to get away from everything (and James ...). He goes incognito to Brussels, where he relaxes in the luxury of not being known. He strikes up with a handsome man from Vienne. Only, Anton is not (just) the musician he claims to be. To be fair, neither is Dorian (just) the art collector he claims to be. But Anton's secret could prove very, very dangerous - and not just for Dorian.

dance with the one that brung ya by phraseme - Dorian is on vacation in Salzburg, when he runs into one of Klaus's missions. Maybe it'll give him a chance to get closer to his own goal.

Daydream in Capri Blue by isindismay - Eroica is in Capri and James' every dream appear to come true. Do they really ...?