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From Eroica with Love - Primer


Eroica’s Mailing List

A mailing list for people who enjoy Yasuko Aoike's manga Eroica yori Ai wo Komete  (From Eroica with Love),  and who want to discuss it with like-minded people.


The mailing list collects fan art -- we’re looking for contributions!


Collected recs

Anne-Li's recs


AO3 collections






Iron Rose is the current scanlation team that’s continuing the work started by Lily Fulford. They are about ten people from all over the world, and they are currently up to vol.33. They release new scanlated chapters here together with recruitment posts and other interesting Eroica materials.


The whole set of scanlations from vol.1 onwards are also available here

You may find Eroica scanlations at other online readers too but we strongly recommend this one because it's ad-free and protected from malware.







Fanlore entries (not 100% up to date)


Hunter’s essay on Eroica: A Sadistic Entanglement




Selected fanfics


Five Days in Padesca, by Laura Kaye

 In canon, Klaus and Dorian never develop a relationship. Some fic writers do let them get together, though.


Too Good to be True, by Kadorienne, and its two alternative sequels, The Course of True Love, and The Truth Shall Set You Free

Some fics let them get together, but not before considerable angst and difficulty.


Deep Waters, by Thia

Then there’s the idea that maybe they both enjoy the sparring and teasing but they’re both terrified of what an actual relationship might mean.


Seeing is Believing, by Cassie Ingaben

One of Dorian’s formative experiences in canon was being coerced into having sex at age 13 by a family friend. A number of fic writers have speculated how that traumatic event might have shaped Dorian’s thinking and behaviour.


Peripeteia, by Sylvia

Other writers have taken the idea of traumatic childhood experiences to explain why Klaus seems to be so uptight about sex.


The Iron Mask by Kadorienne

Klaus gets amnesia. Excellent psychological exploration, great writing.


Moonlight Shadow, by Joram

In canon, Dorian only worked for Klaus once, and refused the honey trap request made in The Seventh Seal – but there are plenty of fanfics that have Dorian working for NATO as a contractor.


Breaking and Entering, by Neery

Klaus & Dorian are tough, ruthless men. They have to be in their respective professions.


 Anger Not the Old Lion, by Anne-Li

Klaus’s reputation for courage, heroism and dedication to his job is strong in canon, and in fan fiction too.


Not the Only Fruit, by Nomad

 Fandom often writes Klaus as sexually inexperienced or else not even interested. Is he gay? Straight? Asexual? Is he repressed? Not interested? Hiding a raging sexual appetite?


A Thousand Kisses … and Sea Monsters, by Anne-Li

 Some writers play with alternate universes. Here’s a story that re-tells an early episode from the manga, set in an odd universe in which sea-creatures pose an ever-present danger to humans, and humans have interbred with sea-creatures for generations.

Recent recs from Discord


Silent Night by Kat and Whizzy

Christmas at Schloss Eberbach. Klaus is working on a piano piece he's composing when Eroica shows up. Which could have led to bloodshed, but Dorian is behaving and it turns into a fairly nice evening for both involved. A few Christmas later, Dorian returns - and this time Klaus is prepared for him. During later Christmases their relationship deepens. Klaus's father finds out - and then the entire extended Eberbach family will come to celebrate Christmas at the Schloss …


Three Kisses or "Love Tank" by Beth Minster 

Klaus comes to Castle Gloria to hire Dorian to break into Buckingham Palace. He stumbles in on one of Dorian's secrets - with everyone away, Dorian plays in Klaus's tank ... When Klaus finally requests the theft, Doran demands a very high price: three kisses!


Curse of the Eberbachs


Not So Horrible


Courting Dorian


Brother of the Sun, Brother of the Moon by K.L. Fidelius and Countess Grey


Curly Tails and Tusks by Heather Sparrows  

AU in which Klaus and Dorian are ... pigs! The brave boar Klaus protects his horde and his forest, until one day he has the misfortune of running into a crazy pink pig...