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  • Birthday Present by Amity33 This is the second Eroica story I wrote, and I'm sure my writing had a lot more flaws way back then, but it's still one of my favorites!

  • Mission Impossible by Amity33 This was a response to an Imzy challenge.

  • Le Bel Homme Sans Merci, or, The Unicorn Tamer by Kadorienne In this story, Klaus isn’t entirely human … and fairies are real … and Dorian’s curiosity gets him into trouble that only Klaus can get him out of.

  • Smoke by Filigree Klaus at the end of his final mission.

  • Cherry Lips by Hunter What if Dorian and Klaus had met, in passing, when they were teenagers?

  • Extreme Solution by TelWoman Mission fic - Klaus goes on a mission, undercover at a mining and exploration company in Husuni, Africa. He might very well never come back.

  • And How Was Your Weekend by Heather Sparrows Mission fic - Klaus's new mission is to provide security to the Christopher Street Day festivities. Instead of one gay, he gets thousands of them.

  • From Tomorrow with Love by Serenade Older/retired Klaus - It's the 21st century. Things have changed. Klaus still works with NATO, but it's not the same any longer.

  • When Did We Get Old by Ruth Sadelle Alderson Older/retired Klaus - Many years from now, Klaus and Dorian are still not together. Z is the last of the original Alphabets still with Klaus. Klaus finally signs Z's promotion papers. The same night Klaus comes home to find a subdued Dorian waiting for him. Has anything changed?

  • In Focus by chemcat
    Character study/musings on sexuality - Klaus is not easily distracted. He has full focus on what he wants and what interests him. A single person was never able to hold his interest for long.

  • The Beat That My Heart Skipped (Sounded Like This) by Liviapenn Character study/musings on sexuality - Even if Klaus loved Dorian, he couldn't trust someone who has tried to blackmail him. Can he trust Dorian? And even if he could, will he?