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Five Days in Padesca, by Laura Kaye. At the end of a mission Dorian tricks Klaus into a short stay at a small-town hotel in Italy by pretending they can't get picked up any earlier.

The Garden Hotel, by Anne-Li, where Klaus and Dorian try to reserve a room for their anniversary, only for it to go south! Bonus drunken shenanigans and fixing graffiti, because Klaus totally has OCD (and someone else theorized possibly ASD).

Perfect Day by CassieIngaben where Dorian and Klaus share a perfect day together. More or less.

A City Where Nobody Knows Me by TelWoman - Dorian needs to get away from everything (and James ...). He goes incognito to Brussels, where he relaxes in the luxury of not being known. He strikes up with a handsome man from Vienne. Only, Anton is not (just) the musician he claims to be. To be fair, neither is Dorian (just) the art collector he claims to be. But Anton's secret could prove very, very dangerous - and not just for Dorian.

dance with the one that brung ya by phraseme - Dorian is on vacation in Salzburg, when he runs into one of Klaus's missions. Maybe it'll give him a chance to get closer to his own goal.

Daydream in Capri Blue by isindismay - Eroica is in Capri and James' every dream appear to come true. Do they really ...?