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  • Better Left Unsaid by Amity33 Klaus discovers that Dorian has been stealing things from him and adding them to a growing cache of mementoes. Some are not physical objects, either – and that is the most disturbing of all! Amity33 has a gift for writing funny stories. I had to make myself choose just one.

  • I Dream of Eroica by Kadorienne Crossover with I Dream of Jeannie. Dorian is a genie in a bottle and Klaus is his mostly unwilling ‘Master’. Kadorienne has been one of the most prolific writers in the fandom and she has a very broad range, from dark to light, from thrillers to fluff to comedy.

  • On Tanks and War by Anne-Li How to get your lover’s attention in the age of internet chat-rooms. I enjoy this one from Anne-Li because it paints a nice domestic picture of how things might go if Dorian and Klaus were to settle down together.

  • A Snake’s Tale by General Zargon This story saves the very best part of the joke for right at the end. Klaus isn’t fully human in this story – he’s a Naga. His true form is a giant snake. The story ends with a cheeky line about letting Dorian find out for himself what other physical characteristics Nagas have. Well, I didn’t know what they were when I first read the story – so I looked it up. You should, too. It made me laugh out loud to think what Dorian’s reaction might be.

  • What Do You Do Next, Dorian Red? by Anne-Li. It's really funny (with a slight undercurrent of seriousness) and it's also in the very unusual form of a Choose Your Own Adventure game.

For the crack kind of fun I enjoy Engiel’s Klaus and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Dorian comes to Bonn and discovers that Klaus is having a very bad day - or rather the Alphabet has, as they all fail at their mission, every single one of them.

and Whizbang and Yoikos The Interview Crack AU in which Klaus is a football player and Dorian is a fashion reporter sent by his employer (Mr. James, Esq., of the Tattler) to interview him for the World Cup.

Also Margaret Price’s Klausian Pillow Talk Excempts from the runaway best seller Eberbach's Dos & Don'ts of Sexual Intimacy or Foppish Bullshit to Help You Get Laid, by Klaus von dem Eberbach, formerly of NATO.

And, because they made me smile, Grey Bard’s Diminished Capacity Klaus is thoroughly exhausted after a mission, not exactly on top of his game. When Dorian arrives the good major is too tired to mount a proper defence. How will Dorian react?

and Amity33’s Germany's Secret Weapon Late at night the coach of the German National Football Team gets a call and a very inspiring reason for the team to win against Brazil ...