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  • The Curse of the Eberbachs by Anne Li – - This is the story that got me into Eroica fandom, as I was in Harry Potter fandom at the time. After reading this, I decided to find the translations and never looked back.

  • Not So Horrible by Anne Li - - I just love the way Dorian reacts and the things he does to the Chief make me laugh

  • Courting Dorian by Anne Li - (are you sensing a trend?) – very funny and always makes me feel happy after reading

  • You Light My Fire by Serenade - - I just love amnesia fics and this is a favorite

  • Brother of the Sun, Brother of the Moon by K.L. Fidelius and Countess Grey In the Andes mountains of Peru, a mosaic portraying the Sun God, the Brother of the Sun, is found. A mosaic of sapphire, rubies and gold of a blond, handsome man. Who happens to look much like Dorian. Klaus assumes that Dorian will steal it. He couldn't care less, except that Neo-Nazis might use this as an opportunity to kill Dorian. So Klaus goes after him. And in Peru something else of interest is found - the Brother of the Sun isn't alone. And Klaus gets amnesia. Alas, I only have it on the wayback machine, so if anyone knows a better URL for it ...:

  • Curly Tails and Tusks by Heather Sparrows AU in which Klaus and Dorian are ... pigs! The brave boar Klaus protects his horde and his forest, until one day he has the misfortune of running into a crazy pink pig ...

Silent Night by Kat and Whizzy Christmas at Schloss Eberbach. Klaus is working on a piano piece he's composing when Eroica shows up. Which could have led to blood shed, but Dorian is behaving and it turns into a fairly nice evening for both involved. A few Christmas later, Dorian returns - and this time Klaus is prepared for him.