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Rich Man, Poor Man, Butler, Thief by TelWoman. When the Lord and Lady Gloria's butler quits, Lord Gloria finds a new one, with somewhat questionable references. The butler befriends the young Dorian - especially when he sees how talented the young boy seems to be at stealing things ...

TelWoman - As The Twig is Bent

TelWoman - Scrapbook - with some absolutely lovey description Cassie Ingabens Postcards from Paris, Vignettes from different times in Dorian's life when he visits Paris. Starts with his early youth and moves forward: different ages, different company, different circumstances, some light and some dark.

Primavera, by MJJ. Dorian, age seventeen, meets one of the great loves of his life— Art, personified— in a dream.

Children, by Musamihi. A retelling of the episode in Insha’allah where Dorian visits a man who is said to know the whereabouts of a treasure he wants to steal, a man who runs what appears to be a brothel offering under-age boys. Musamihi’s interpretation underlines Dorian’s distaste for what he sees.

The Patchwork Arc, five stories by Kumiko and Tzigane. All NC-17.

Begins with Dorian and James meeting at school, and follows them through different stages until the Eroica gang is formed.