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Coast by TPod Story Summary: A yearning for sourdough and San Francisco... While not a Valentines fic, this is pretty fluffy if you ask me. Alas, it is short! But, a lot is said in less than 2,000 words, here. All I can say is, Klaus is precious in this, with his vulnerable internal monologue and all, and the way Dorian nearly shuts down is hilarious.

Not Always A Crowd by Ara Summary: James feels unloved when Lord Gloria’s attentions turn to others.

Snowbound by Cassie Ingaben Summary: Dorian quotes the Grimm’s version of Snow White. I know it’s not exactly fluff, but it’s close enough to qualify because of Klaus’ unyielding tentativeness to Dorian. I just... eee.

Major Butterfly by Anne-li I just... They are destined for each other. The sweet little touches and storytelling within the story... Gah! It’s so sweet!

Courting Dorian Klaus goes a-courtin’. In a very Klausian way, of course. Heh.